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Goxhill as she appeared in 2002, just prior to being demolished and shipped to Virginia Beach.

The Diorama will focus on building the Control Tower, the signal Boards, the ground vehicles and the types of aircraft that were assigned to RAF Goxhill.

The Red Mill Model Club is in the process of designing and building the Royal Air Force Goxhill diorama for the Military Aviation Museum.  We plan to post the progress of the diorama on this page until the completed product is donated to the museum.

An excellent source of information on RAF Goxhill can be found on

Goxhill as she appeared in 1949

The Squadrons and Aircraft that were at RAF Goxhill for training prior to entering combat Service.

1 Fighter Group (P-38 Lightnings) between 10 June 1942 and 24 August 1942.

52 Fighter Group (P-39 Airacobras) between 26 August and 9 November 1942.

78 Fighter Group (P-38 Lightnings and P-47 Thunderbolts) between 1 December 1942 and 6 April 1943 

353 Fighter Group (P-47 Thunderbolts) between 7 June 1943 and 3 August 1943.

356 Fighter Group (P-47 Thunderbolts) between 27 August and 5 October 1943.

358 Fighter Group (P-47 Thunderbolts) between 20 October 1943 and 29 November 1943.

496 Fighter Training Group (P-38 Lightning and P-51 Mustang) from 25 December 1943 until 15 February 1945.

The 496th Fighter Training Group was the only group formed at Goxhill and served as a Combat Crew Replacement Center for 8th and 9th USAAF units. It consisted of the 554th Fighter Squadron with P-38s and the 555th Fighter Squadron with P-51s. The group trained over 2,400 fighter pilots during its existence.

Part of the signal Board can be seen in the background.

A Spitfire with American Markings

The Club Diorama Build

A Chevy C8A HUP with a B-17 Nose mounted on top.